From Aline Smithson’s story for Lenscratch:

Jen Davis writes about her work: “In this body of work, I deal with my insecurities about my body image and the direct correlation between self-perception and the way one is perceived by others. Photography is the medium that I use to tell my story through life, an outlet for revealing my thoughts and opinions about the society in which we live—a society that dictates beauty based on one’s physical appearance.

“In my photographs I aim to raise questions regarding beauty, desire, body image, and identity through a focused observation of my personal story. I have built a relationship between the camera and myself where I transform the act of taking a photograph into a performance for the camera. Many of my pictures take place in my home, revealing aspects of myself that are private and personal. My work is partially based on personal experiences that I have reconstructed into a photograph, and the other part consists of made up fantasies of what I imagine a physical relationship to be regarding intimacy, love, and desire.”

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