From Barbara Davidson’s story for “reFramed” in the Los Angeles Times, a feature showcasing fine art photography and vision-forward photojournalism:

Q: How did you find and motivate your subjects, who are mostly strangers, I believe, to be photographed naked in your shower?

A: I introduced the project, and I made it clear that clothes were optional. For a lot of people, naked is a straight no, so to show them that nudity was not central to the project helped their participation. Most of the time people did end up naked anyway, but telling them they didn’t have to be disarmed the conversation, allowing them to remain interested. There were also the nudists, who didn’t really care and were enthralled by the idea at once. Once the project became substantial, I did photograph my husband, some close friends and myself as well. It was as if I was starting on outer rims of subject matter and moving inward. But you would be surprised how many people were agreeable immediately and also once the project started to get some attention, I received several emails from people asking to be photographed in order to be a part of the series. I still find that immensely flattering.

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