From Lucy Ellmann’s article for Stella Magazine/The Sunday Telegraph:

I have always liked tiny stuff, but never had a doll’s house as a child. I had Trolls, those frizzy-haired rubber toys of the 1960s. It says a lot about the state of things in the West at the time that this was the image of humanity little girls longed for: splay-footed, slap-happy mutants with six fingers each.

One Saturday afternoon I made rudimentary rooms for my Trolls out of shoe boxes, labelling them living-room, kitchen etc. I had the crazy idea that photographs reverse everything, like mirrors, so I wrote all the signage backwards. Then I photographed my Trolls dully standing about in these sparse dens. The resultant photographs were blurry, but not blurry enough to hide the signs saying NEHCTIK and MOOR-GNIVIL.

So I was thrilled to discover the work of the Brooklyn-based sculptor and photographer Lori Nix, who makes miniature dioramas of communal spaces that she then photographs. Although way out of my league in terms of skill, purpose and complexity, they’re very much my kind of thing in terms of size.

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