From Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan’s story for Gizmodo:

We can do a lot with Photoshop, from faking entire military operations to whatever this is. But sometimes, low-tech trickery is just more fun. Such is the case with the work of Lori Nix, a photographer who specializes in shooting urban dioramas containing scenes of complete and utter destruction.

Given the minuscule nature of her subjects, Nix works in super-slow motion, creating only a few pieces every year (which is why you may have seen some of these images before). Since 2005, she’s been immersed in a project called The City, which depicts New York is a desolate, apocalyptic ghost town: Sand dunes drift through the B train, trees sprout inside of sneaker boutiques, and piles of dirt accumulate in the corners of a Chinese takeout place.

“I am fascinated, maybe even a little obsessed, with the idea of the apocalypse,” Nix explains on her website. Maybe a little.

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