From an article about Amy Touchette’s series “Shoot the Arrow: A Portrait of the World Famous *BOB*” in the Daily Mail:

The World Famous *BOB*, as she is known by her stage name, now aged 41, allowed artist Amy Touchette to capture her in action and behind-the-scenes over a four year period from 2002 to 2006.

The two have now released 122 candid black-and-white images from the project in a tome titled “Shoot the Arrow: A Portrait of The World Famous *BOB*.”

The on-stage portraits reveal *BOB* in all of her glory, singing into the microphone with her voluptuous figure on show.

Offstage though, exhaustion seeps through. A shot of *BOB* lying in bed, and another of her sitting in her kitchen at home show her make-up free and looking somewhat sullen.

Other images capture the buxom blonde in dressing rooms in a state of undress or on the way to concerts, carrying heavy suitcases while wearing high heels as cold weather sets in.

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