From DIY Photography:

Photographer Manjari Sharma just wrapped up one of the more interesting photography projects that I’ve seen, where she used her own shower as the location to shoot models for a year.

As this is quite an unorthodox way of shooting, we asked Manjari for some information about the series.

When we wondered about the motivation for such a location, Manjari shares that:

“For the last few months I have been inviting people to visit my apartment and allow me to photograph them in a very intimate space; my bathroom. I have also been inviting them to take a shower as I continue to shoot them. I soon came to the observation that warm water running over my subjects bodies often relieved them of any unnerving awkwardness the camera brought about”, and she felt that “The dynamic changed; with the running water, subjects started to share with me some pretty intimate moments of their lives. I don’t think that would have come about at a kitchen table or a bar, and it happened pretty consistently, Whether it was about shower sex or parents separating, our conversation hit straight to the meat of matters, and the process was very organic.”

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