From Nandita Ravi’s article for the Deccan Chronicle:

Photographer and artist Manjari Sharma says she might not be a religious person but spiritual discourses were a part of her life in India. Manjari moved abroad in 2001 to study fine arts, back when the scope and opportunity for photography was limited in India. “Most of the people I looked up to were either self-taught or had studied abroad,” she reveals.

Among her impressive body of work, what bears her distinct signature is the ‘Darshan’ series — inspired by the ‘vision’ or ‘view’ intrinsic to the Hindu worship of deities. Manjari explains how the idea came about. “The only time that I was fairly devoid of it (spirituality) was when I came to the US. Even then I always had a little temple near my home but visiting it on a regular basis like I did in India became very rare,” she says.

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