From Peggy Roalf’s story for Design Arts Daily:

At ClampArt (521-531 W 25), with works by Manjari Sharma filling the main space, Brian Clamp was hosting a group of students from Jordan Schaps’s class at the School of Visual Arts, with the artist present to discuss her work and process. For her first solo show in New York, the Mumbai-born artist has adopted a pantheon of Hindu deities, long the subject of devotional drawings, paintings and sculptures, as the subjects of her colossal photo-montages. Ms. Sharma photographed replications of six holy figures at various shrines, including Maa Laxmi, Lord Vishnu, Maa Durga and Lord Shiva. Her painstaking process, from casting to costume design to the final digital touches, bridges the space between art and spirituality, the present and the imagined.

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