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Culturalite: What is your creative process? Describe what goes into the creation of your work.

Manjari Sharma: My process starts with research, followed by sketches and finding the appropriate team members that can help me sculpt my images into reality. The crew for ‘Darshan’ ranged from 25-35 people, comprised of painters, carpenters, jewelry experts, prop and set-construction artists and assistants. It was really a team effort.

Culturalite: What’s the best creative advice you’ve ever received?

Manjari Sharma: A photographer once told me, when you are lying in your grave, and people are standing around you, talking about you, maybe you’ll hear some of them say, ‘Wow, she was a great girl, but an awful photographer.’ Or maybe you will hear them say ‘She was an incredible photographer, but a horrible human being.’ But, you may just hear them say ‘She was a good artist and a good person.’ Whatever you want to hear them say then, start making them say it now. I think the creative process is nourished by the quality of life you chose to live, which is decided by the type of person you want to be and the way you treat those around you.

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