From the feature on Amy Touchette’s series “Shoot the Arrow” by Alyssa Coppelman in Slate:

It’s near impossible not to notice the curvy burlesque performer the World Famous *BOB* (who stylizes her name with asterisks). Photographer Amy Touchette was captivated the first time she laid eyes on her, and the two began an ongoing collaborative project that is a poignant look into the private life of someone whose public face is her craft and livelihood. A show of the work opens this Thursday at ClampArt in New York City and coincides with the release of Shoot the Arrow, a book of the work published by Un-Gyve Press.

*BOB*’s burlesque persona largely plays off of high glamour, shimmer, and va-va-voom, though that is far from all there is. She describes herself as a “female-female impersonator” and at first aspired to be a drag queen, an influence easily recognized.

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