From the article in The Sacramento Bee:

“Shoot the Arrow” is a collection of Amy Touchette’s intimate black-and-white photographs of the onstage and offstage life of celebrated New York City burlesque dancer, The World Famous *BOB*. A central figure in today’s “neo-burlesque” movement, the self-described “female-female impersonator” is known for her over-the-top blonde bombshell image. Touchette used 24-hour photo sessions and exclusive access to The World Famous *BOB*’s private life to produce a deep, unique, and moving photographic biography of a woman pursuing dreams of glamour and fame. Photographed strictly on 35 mm film, Touchette’s pictures of The World Famous *BOB* on stage, backstage, in her daily life, and during private moments at home, are rich and beautifully real.

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