From Christopher Brennan’s piece for The Moscow Times:

Vadim Gushchin’s new exhibition focuses exclusively on objects that you could’ve seen at home.

“The thing is that when I shoot, I use only my own things. It’s a law for me. I’m not interested in subjects that you can find in some kind of department store. I’m interested in expressing myself,” Gushchin said.

A retrospective at The Brother Lumiere Center of Photography, “Object, Function, Image,” showcases a selection of Gushchin’s work since the beginning of the millennium that takes everyday items as its focus.

The subjects of Gushchin’s still lifes often sit directly in the middle of the photo and do not employ unconventional camera angles to add a sense of drama. “To me it seems that objects themselves already have the charge of mysticism to them,” he told The Moscow Times at the exhibition’s opening on Tuesday.

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