From Jordan G. Teicher’s article about Jill Greenberg’s series, “End Times,” in Slate:

Jill Greenberg created portraits of crying children in 2006 to reflect her frustration with the politics of the Bush era.

“The most dangerous fundamentalists aren’t just waging war in Iraq; they’re attacking evolution, blocking medical research and ignoring the environment,” she wrote in a statement. “It’s as if they believe the apocalyptic End Time is near, therefore protecting the earth and future of our children is futile. As a parent I have to reckon with the knowledge that our children will suffer for the mistakes our government is making. Their pain is a precursor of what is to come.”

But criticism of her series, “End Times,” hasn’t focused on Greenberg’s political views. Instead, it has focused on the crying faces in the photographs, prompting accusations that Greenberg abused the children to get them to show emotion.

“It’s upsetting to get emails sort of randomly saying I’m a horrible person,” Greenberg said. “I have two children of my own. Crying is not evidence of pain or any real suffering. It’s really just the way children communicate.”

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