From Ellen Von Wiegand’s article on Lori Nix for The Culture Trip:

Lori Nix’s foreboding photographs present a world on the brink of destruction. The artist spends months constructing her dioramas, creating most of her pint sized worlds with paper, cardboard and foam, painted over in a painstakingly realistic manner. The resulting photographs are both impressive and uncanny.

A grim, dusty room reveals traces of what was once a grand library. Lofty ceilings, sweeping bookshelves, classic balconies, gold framed paintings and gothic style clerestory windows have been replaced by an ominous scene. Broken furniture is strewn about the floor, a sizeable hole in the roof casts patches of light over a mostly darkened room, where grown trees have forced their way through the floorboards to reclaim the abandoned space.

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