Jen Davis, Mike Del Rio, TX
Jen Davis, Mike New Orleans, LA
Jen Davis, Lyman Fairbanks, AK
Jen Davis, Drew New Haven, CT
Jen Davis, Billy Savannah, GA
Jen Davis, Matt and Sam Norfolk, CT
Matt and Sam
Jen Davis, Shanin Sommerville, MA
Jen Davis, Matt and Kate Madison, WI
Matt and Kate
Jen Davis, Sean Boston, MA
Jen Davis, John Lafayette, LA
Jen Davis, Corey Brooklyn, NY
Jen Davis, Rob Brooklyn, NY
Jen Davis, Ed Philadelphia, PA
Jen Davis, Matt and Rachel Chicago, IL
Matt and Rachel
Jen Davis, Randall Beaumont TX

Artist Jen Davis writes:

“Photography is the medium that allows me to escape and gain access into a world that only exists in the realm of fantasy for me. I am interested in photographing men for the purpose of placing expectations of both physical and emotional attraction onto them during the act of photographing. I felt that I needed to look at men to fill the void that existed in my life. I needed to be desired and looked at. Through my camera I could experience an intimacy that I yearned for and did not have. I created a relationship of sorts, which I wanted to understand even if I couldn’t physically experience the touch of what I am describing through the lens of my camera.

“The camera transforms and empowers me to approach whomever I want, and for the duration of the shoot I become a flirtatious voyeur in close proximity to my subject. I use the license that this machine gives me to solicit an intimate interaction, to ask for a return of my desire for the time I am taking the pictures. I am interested in investigating the male gaze not as a theoretical abstraction, but as a personal and sexual exchange. Every frame is a record of a hypothetical and fictional relationship that formed between us. It is proof that we existed together, interacted together, and were involved together as a couple in the fleeting moment of the fantasy. The result is a visual record of not what actually took place, but what I imagined it to be.”

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