Mark Alice Durant interviews Lori Nix at her studio for Saint Lucy:

All studio photographers play God on some level, separating light from dark, shaping primal materials to create new worlds that are sometimes inhabited sometimes lifeless. According to the Judeo/Christian tradition, God rested on the sixth day. I don’t think Lori Nix ever rests. Her life appears to be wholly (and happily) consumed in the planning, construction and photographing elaborate miniatures. Despite the ominous themes of her work, Lori is funny, charming and unpretentious. We chatted for quite a while in front of a newly completed diorama depicting a decaying Air and Space Museum. Like a postcard sent from the other side of the Apocalypse, the longer I looked the more the fantastic details were revealed. It made me want to visit.

This interview took place in April, 2013 in her studio / home where she lives and works, with her partner and collaborator Kathleen Gerber across the street from Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

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