From Chris Reid’s story on Jill Greenberg’s series “End Times” for FullyM:

Kids cry, as a parent that’s a simple fact that you’ll get to learn pretty fast. They don’t do it cause they hate you or cause they’re mad, they do it because, for them, talking is about the hardest thing they can imagine when all those emotions/desires come rushing through. So you get used to it, sometimes you laugh, you pick them up, give ‘em a hug and keep on trucking. That’s life for most parents, if you’re lucky you get some great shots of them in all their craziness and they end up in a slideshow at their wedding.

Not for Jill Greenberg, as a mom and talented photographer, crying children are a much more interesting and complex subject. Since posting the “End Times” series on “FullyM” we’ve seen a visceral reaction from the interwebs (just read the comments below) with typical opinions landing squarely in two camps: she’s mean or she’s a great photographer shooting kids being kids. Her experience with this photo shoot reads almost like a hollywood plot, filled with conspiracy, intrigue, money, politics and threats. Before you tell us what you think read on.

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