From David Rosenberg’s article for Slate:

Many mothers take their children to the zoo. Photographer Robin Schwartz took it a step further and brought the zoo to life by photographing her daughter, Amelia, in a lifelong series of intimate, fantastical portraits with animals.

Many of the images of Amelia with dogs, cats, monkeys, kangaroos, elephants, and other animals were included in the monograph, “Amelia’s World,” published by Aperture in 2008. Since then, Robin and Amelia have continued to add to the series.

Schwartz began taking pictures with her daughter when her mother passed away when Amelia was 3.

“I was always a daughter first even though I had a little kid,” Schwartz said about her relationship with her mother. “I was always a daughter until my mother died, and then I wasn’t. I didn’t want to be separated from Amelia.”

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