From Andrew Belonsky’s story for Out Traveler:

Photographer finds himself at the tip of Cape Cod again and again.

“Even back then I knew it was a special place,” photographer John Arsenault says of his first time in Provincetown, in 1982, when he was 11 and his mothers took him there for vacation. It was in Provincetown that he first saw men openly in love. “I was overwhelmed by men holding hands. It was a relief.” It was also in Provincetown that the 18-year-old self explored his budding adulthood.

And Arsenault returned once again in 2008, following a breakup. The pictures he took over a year-and-a-half spent there, his visual diary, form the foundation for his ever-evolving show “A Ghost is Occupying My Heart,” first shown at ClampArt Gallery NYC in New York. “I’ve changed since then, and Provincetown has allowed me to do that,” he says.

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