From Janet Alexander’s spotlight on Jill Greenberg for Resource Magazine:

“I always felt like I needed to shoot horses before I died; they were my original muse, and I drew them obsessively as a child,” Jill explains. At first, she summarizes her fascination as just “one of those things with little girls being obsessed with horses,” before revealing it’s true intentions as a kind of think piece. “I’m calling attention to how the bridle and bit bind the horse, control and dominate, and how the masculine physicality undergoes a feminine kind of bondage.” Compared to her previous animal photographs– “Monkey Portraits” (2004) and “Ursine” (2009)–taking five and three years to produce, respectively, “Horses” is Jill’s most grueling project to date, consisting of twice as many images produced in a single year, and shooting in Los Angeles (where up until this past year Jill had been living for twelve years before moving to New York) and Vancouver. Horses also features Jill’s trademark manipulation, adding color with digital painting. Originally debuting for a three-month run last year at ClampArt, a contemporary art gallery located in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, The equine series’ next premiere public exhibition will be at this year’s Snap! Orlando. ClampArt owner Brian Clamp recommended Jill to Snap! creator Patrick Kahn. As she constantly juggles between tending to her family, commercial jobs, and personal projects, Jill says that she is excited to be able to make an appearance at Snap! for the first time.

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