From Ralph Gardner Jr.’s review of Jeannette Montgomery Barron’s new book “Scene” in the Wall Street Journal:

“How did she become friends with Bianca Jagger, and a fly on the wall at Andy Warhol’s “Factory”? I wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes before Warhol, or rather one of his minions, asked me to leave. And the only place Bianca and I would have lunched together is in an alternate universe. Part of being cool is that you deny you are. “I always felt I wasn’t cool either,” Ms. Barron told me when we met for drinks at the Odeon, where she once spent many an evening in the company of art world royalty. “I always wondered, ‘How do I fit into this puzzle?’ I never felt I was part of this group. I felt I was recording it and I was removed.”

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