From Louisa J. Curtis’ Chatterbox ChatterBlog:

Unlike her earlier work with all of those wonderful miniature landscapes, the later City series brings us to the world of abandoned buildings and more confined spaces. From the classical Library, Map Room and Museum dioramas, we also have the abandoned Mall, Laundromat and one of my own early favorites, the Vacuum Showroom. Since our interview, Lori has continued to add to her City series, including Anatomy Classroom, Circulation Desk, Subway and Violin Repair Shop.

The City series shows a more evolved Lori with far more detailed sets than her earlier work. For example, in her early piece Train, 1998, we see a model train, overturned with what looks like a chemical spill flowing into the reservoir. With Subway, 2012, Lori has re-constructed the interior of a New York City subway car, with those oh so familiar two-toned orange seats! Making sure everything is to scale is very important to her, and sometimes it is not necessarily the environment that dictates the scale of the props, but it might be that a particular prop is so perfect, that everything else will have to be built in proportion to work with that.

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