From Lisa Larson-Walker’s article for The Daily Beast:

At the mythic origin of the downtown scene, there was Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. And photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron was there too, photographing the superstars, the wannabes, and the demigods in-between. In 1981, when Barron was her mid-twenties, she began capturing the explosive creative energy in SoHo and the East Village. She started with a portrait of the artist Francesco Clemente. “I was a bit naïve—taking everyone and everything at face value,” Barron tells The Daily Beast. “In a way, New York was a bit naïve too, just coming out of the recession but before the art boom that is now so famously remembered.” At the time, scheduling a portrait session with Andy Warhol was as simple as a single call – he had the number to The Factory listed in the phone book.

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