From Jessie Wender’s piece for The New Yorker:

In this week’s issue of the magazine, Robin Schwartz photographed Lena Dunham’s dog Lamby for Dunham’s Personal History “A Box of Puppies.” Schwartz, who took her first photograph of an animal at ten years old, told me, “I am an animal person. I cannot survive without animals, this is who I have always been.” Her assistant on the shoot was her fourteen-year-old daughter, Amelia, who is also the subject of Schwartz’s body of work “Amelia’s World,” a magical portrait stretching over eleven years, which pictures Amelia with all types of animals—the largest is an elephant and the smallest is a Cotton-Top Tamarin. Schwartz is a professor of photography at William Paterson University, in New Jersey, and is represented by ClampArt. Below is a selection of images from “Amelia’s World,” accompanied by Amelia’s captions and memories, and followed by a brief Q. & A. with Schwartz.

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