Churning Sea, A Moment Later II
Churning Sea, 3.00 pm
Scallop Waves
Churning Sea – A Distance Away
Moving On
One Moment
Becoming Waves
Sliding Sea
Divergent Sea
Moonlit Sail
Bridge Into the Night
The Baltic Revisited
Moments of Rivers
Churning Grace – Out to Sea
Churning Sea
Yesterday’s Evening
Churning Sea – A Moment’s Balance
A Little Bit Further
Sands Below #1

In all-black paintings, Karen Gunderson conjures vast landscapes through what critic Gerard McCarthy described in Art in America as a “deft working of surface texture alone.” He continues, “Over the past eighteen years the Wisconsin-born New York artist has perfected a technique whereby pictorial illusions result from white light reflected off the raised edges of varied brushstrokes.”

Due to the way in which light reflects off of the black paint, Gunderson’s canvases sparkle, shift, and change as viewers move about the artworks.

Work by Karen Gunderson

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