From PDN:

Some photographers say they avoid looking at other photographers’ work, because they don’t want to be influenced—or intimidated—by it. But Brian Clamp, owner of ClampArt gallery in New York City, says that when photographs come to him seeking representation, he feels it’s important that they know both what’s going on in photography now, and what photographers have done in the past. “If you’re not familiar with Aaron Siskand, that’s a danger sign to me,” Clamp says (see “What Galleries Want,” page 24).

The photographers Clamp has signed recently are keen students of photographic history. Gregory Halpern, who jointed ClampArt last year, says, “I think if you’re not going out of your way to look at great photography, you’re just going to be influenced by the schlock that’s out there. Why not look for good influences?”

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