Lori Nix, Mastodon
Lori Nix, Jurassic Spider
Jurassic Spider
Lori Nix, Dodo Birds
Dodo Birds
Lori Nix, Galapagos Turtle
Galapagos Turtles
Lori Nix, T-Rex
Lori Nix, North American Beaver
North American Beaver
Lori Nix, Angler Fish
Lori Nix, Lions & Tigers
Lions & Tigers
Lori Nix, Snow Maker
Snow Maker
Lori Nix, Gallery of Rocks
Gallery of Important Rocks
Lori Nix, Skunks
Lori Nix, Olympic Forest
Olympic Forest
Lori Nix, Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis
Lori Nix, Rabbits
Lori Nix, Sharks
Lori Nix, Bird Room
Bird Room
Lori Nix, Diver
Rick Day, Lori Nix, Ducks

For Unnatural History, Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber painstakingly construct tiny dioramas of rooms in imaginary natural history museums, and then photograph them in black and white. The final archival pigment prints are hilarious scenarios picturing madcap, behind-the-scenes possibilities, which highlight the curious oddity of our historic need to amass, conserve, and display elements of the natural world. Nix and Gerber’s photographs reference and bring to mind other contemporary artists inspired by the natural history museum and the often bizarre and awkward artifice inherent in the scientific presentation of the animal kingdom.

Work by Lori Nix/Kathleen Gerber

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