Frank Yamrus, tommy - pods
tommy – pods
Frank Yamrus, g. paul - lotus
g. paul – lotus
Frank Yamrus, marc - rain
marc – rain
Frank Yamrus, steve - ritual
steve – ritual
Frank Yamrus, laura - veil
laura – veil
Frank Yamrus, dj - fields
dj – fields
Frank Yamrus, terri - china
terri – china
Frank Yamrus, caroline - essence
caroline – essence

Steven Jenkins writes: “[This body of work was photographed] in the sand dunes that hug the shore of Provincetown, Massachusetts – – historically a site of amorous, anonymous coupling among gay men. . . Yamrus’ eerily beautiful black-and-white photographs commemorate the fallen dead who once populated this landscape of furtive sexual escapade. At the same time, Yamrus’ eloquent images of bodies stilled in dappled sunlight remind us, the still-standing witnesses, that intimacy is vital, and that we must accept its conflicting consequence if we are to discover, for the first or one-hundredth time, what it means to live life fully in the adult world.”

Work by Frank Yamrus