Chammie and Uncle George
Chammie and Uncle George
Christine, Boston, MA
Francis, Jamaica Plain, MA, In the Grass
Francis (In the Grass)
Friend of Barbara's, Kitchen
Friend of Barbara’s, Kitchen
Guests, Charity Party, Newton, MA
Hosts, Charity Party
Mom, Chammie, and Studley, Kitchen
Mom, Chammie, and Studley, Kitchen
Ronnie, Boston, MA
Guests, My Parents' 35th Wedding Anniversary
Guests, My Parents’ 35th Anniversary Party
Self Portrait with Family
Self-Portrait with Family
TV, Kitchen, Newton, MA
TV, Kitchen

In Close Relations, noted photographer Henry Horenstein presents his earliest images, made when he was a student at the Rhose Island School of Design. Mixed with humor and history, this collection of family and friends, landscapes, and period imagery, describes a time familiar to everyone, when one moves from adolescence to adulthood – – remaining part of a family while beginning to create a world of one’s own.

As a history student in the late 1960s, Horenstein learned the importance of preserving the present to create a record for the future. As he took up photography, he carried these lessons with him. In Close Relations he offers us a warm and quirky look at his personal history, and at a particular place and time.

[Text taken from the dust jacket of Henry Horenstein, Close Relations (New York City: Powerhouse Books, 2006).]

Work by Henry Horenstein