George Platt Lynes, Three Male Nudes
Three Male Nudes
George Platt Lynes, Standing Man with White T-shirt and Shorts (Jack Fontan)
Standing Man in White T-shirt and Shorts (Jack Fontan)
George Platt Lynes, Ted Starkowski
Ted Starkowski
George Platt Lynes, Orpheus and Eros
Orpheus and Eros
Geroge Platt Lynes, Orpheus
Orpheus (Nicolas Magallanes and Francisco Moncion)
George Platt Lynes, Orpheus (Lev Christian and Marie Jeanne)
Orpheus (Lev Christian and Marie Jeanne)
Mel Fillini #1
Mel Fillini #1
Mel Fillini #2
Mel Fillini #2
George Platt Lynes, George Hansen, 1954
George Hansen
George Platt Lynes, Nude Torso
Nude Torso (Robert L. Schafer)
George Platt-Lynes, Nude Man
Dick Beard
Mel Fillini Laying in Frame #1
Mel Fillini in Frame #1
Mel Fillini in Frame #2
Mel Fillini in Frame #2
George Platt Lynes, Monroe Wheeler in White
Monroe Wheeler
George Platt Lynes, Romaine Johnston
Romaine Johnston
George Platt Lynes, Nude, California
Nude, California
George Platt Lynes, Portrait of Bill Miller
Portrait of Bill Miller
George Platt Lynes, Fashion Photo
Fashion Photo
George Platt Lynes, Jared French
Jared French

George Platt Lynes was a renowned American fashion and commercial photographer who enjoyed the prime of his career during the 1930s and 1940s. Although he was very sought after by major fashion publications for his beautiful images and stunning compositions, his real passion was the male nude, which he photographed extensively in the privacy of his studio. His connections with New York City’s cultural influencers granted him access to beautiful models, dancers, and actors whom he photographed without leaving behind his friends, lovers, and even studio assistants. Due to the revolutionary and sexually charged aspects of his work, many of his photographs remained unknown and unpublished for years, some of them coming to the light only after they were left to Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction after the artist’s death in 1955. Platt Lynes is recognized today as a master of 20th-century photography, and remains as one of the most important influencers of male portraiture and black-and-white photography.

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