Hired by Andy Warhol as a photographer for Interview Magazine when he was 17 years old, David LaChapelle has since enjoyed a prolific career as a commercial photographer, fine art photographer, music video director, and film director. LaChapelle has become known for his high-gloss, hyper-realistic depictions of celebrity culture – featuring names such as Paris Hilton, Muhammad Ali, Britney Spears, Madonna, and Tupak Shakur. Tim Connor of The New York Photo Review notes, “LaChapelle’s pictures crackle with subversive – or at least hilarious – ideas, rude energy and laughter. They are full of juicy life.” LaChapelle’s images have been widely published, appearing on the covers and pages of magazines such as GQ, i-D, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Vogue Italia, and Vogue Paris. His photography has also exhibited at galleries and museums around the world.

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