Artist Collin LaFleche writes: “This collection of images documents the everyday lives of a group of teenagers I met in December 2006 and continued photographing for almost a year. The time I spent with them was a time of transition, from adolescence into adulthood: the end of high school, the last summer together, and the move on to college. While the work is in some ways autobiographical, the work is not meant to pass judgment. Instead, I have tried to capture, as objectively as possible, what I see as a sort of banality of adolescence. It is weaved amongst the awkward, arbitrary, and disjointed moments of social sparring, sexual exploration, conformity, vulnerability, and rebelliousness that shape and define coming of age. It is a monotony that is always apparent yet never directly addressed, showing itself only in silent, in-between moments, the moments that are not spectacular or funny or frightening, the moments when these teens are entirely alone with themselves.”

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