Armand Agresti, Hell Gate Bridge, Astoria
Hell Gate Bridge
Armand Agresti, Car Wash, Howard Beach
Car Wash, Howard Beach
Armand Agresti, Lou, Howard Beach, New York
Armand Agresti, Ozone Park, New York, Hairdos
Ozone Park
Armand Agresti, Self Portrait, Ozone Park, New York
Self Portrait
Armand Agresti, Bootsie, Richmond Hill, New York
Armand Agresti, Ozone Park, New York
Ozone Park
Armand Agresti Richmond Hill New York Group
Richmond Hill
Armand Agresti Empire State Building New York City
New York City (Empire State Building)
Armand Agresti Jamaica Queens New York Ear Piece
Jamaica, Queens
Armand Agresti, Jamaica Queens New York Knife
Jamaica, Queens
Armand Agresti Flushing Queens New York
Flushing, Queens
Armand Agresti Self Portrait Hartford Connecticut
Self Portrait
Armand Agresti, Richmond Hill New York Bad Sweater
Richmond Hill
Armand Agresti, Richmond Hill New York Dog and Cat
Richmond Hill
Armand Agresti, Subway New York City
Subway (Fulton Local)

Armand Agresti Resume

Armand Agresti was an award-winning, fiction-based photographer whose work focused primarily on fashion and portraiture.

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