From R.C. Baker’s review for The Village Voice:

What if you ran a Barbie doll’s face through the FBI program used to age yearbook photos of kids who have mysteriously disappeared? Nancy Burson helped develop the software, and her image of Barbie’s ravaged visage conjures a Parisian streetwalker past her prime. Jake Rowland’s Victor/Victoria-esque photos blending portraits of himself and his wife get weirder in each variation—shirtless and flat-chested with a femme face; pearls and pink shoulder straps beneath a masculine glare; Mickey Mouse tee and a pair of plump red lips pouting beneath a three-day-old mustache. E-J Major’s dozen mug shots recreate an anti-drug campaign from Marie Claire magazine: The artist has cast herself as the unnamed woman progressively (and fatally) ravaged by heroin addiction—from toothsome promise through bruised emaciation to feral hopelessness

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