Portfolio Review Guidelines

Artists who wish to bring their work to the attention of CLAMP are invited to e-mail eight to twelve low-resolution JPGs or a PDF with low-resolution JPGs, an artist statement, a detailed resume (including exhibition history and a list of collections, if applicable), and a description of the work (including medium and size) to portfolioreview@clampart.com. (JPGs larger than 72 dpi at 10 x 10 inches will not be accepted.) If the artwork submitted is appropriate for the gallery, we will be in touch for further information. We apologize for being unable to provide critique or referrals for e-mail submissions.

If artists prefer to have Brian Paul Clamp review prints in person, 30-minute appointments are available for $225. In solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters across the US and around the world against systemic anti-Black racism, CLAMP wants to do better. 30-minute appointments for BIPOC artists are now available at a discount of 50%. Email portfolioreview@clampart.com to schedule a meeting. Aside from offering criticism and critique of the artwork itself, Mr. Clamp can also provide advice and direction in terms of promoting projects. In exceptional cases, CLAMP is able to offer exhibition opportunities to artists.

Unfortunately, due to space and time limitations, CLAMP cannot accept unsolicited mailings or drop-offs.

Many sincere thanks for your interest in the gallery!