The image is a collage artwork titled "Beach Crew" by Michael Young. It depicts a figure composed of various cut-out elements, including a yellow shirt with the word "CREW" partially visible, a yellow swimsuit, and green and white striped shorts. The figure's head is fragmented, with parts missing or replaced by different textures and colors. The background shows a beach scene with trees and water, adding to the summery, relaxed vibe of the piece. The collage blends elements in a surreal and abstract manner, creating a disjointed yet cohesive composition.
Michael Young | “Beach Crew, July”


Signed, titled, dated, and numbered on label, verso

Archival pigment print

20 x 16 inches // Edition of 3 // $1,500 + framing
40 x 32 inches // Edition of 2 // $3,000 + framing

Work by Michael Young