This is a drawing made with blue colored pencil on Mylar of a nude man with long dark hair in water up to his waist.
Water No. 1, After Tom


Accompanied by certificate of authenticity signed by the artist

Colored pencil on Mylar

9.75 x 7 inches


“This drawing is a tribute to Tom of Finland, whose work has long-influenced my own in relation to drawing, the construction of space, and self-portraiture. In Finland’s compositions, images of men in the landscape—logging, foresting, and relaxing (together, naked, clothed, alone, in pairs and in groups) had a profound effect on my own thinking about the queer body represented. I see no separation between land and body—we are nature. The queer body is not unnatural (that is a false dichotomy, often espoused by religious and conservative world views). Finland’s renderings of bodies in nature are for me a rupture of the largely European tradition of only representing male nudity in relation to heteronormativity.
—Zachari Logan, August 2022

Work by Zachari Logan