This is a drawing made with blue colored pencil on Mylar of a nude man with long dark hair in water up to his thighs surrounded by branches.
Water No. 2, After Tom


Colored pencil on Mylar

7.5 x 5.25 inches


“This drawing is a tribute to Tom of Finland, whose work has long-influenced my own in relation to drawing, the construction of space, and self-portraiture. In Finland’s compositions, images of men in the landscape—logging, foresting, and relaxing (together, naked, clothed, alone, in pairs and in groups) had a profound effect on my own thinking about the queer body represented. I see no separation between land and body—we are nature. The queer body is not unnatural (that is a false dichotomy, often espoused by religious and conservative world views). Finland’s renderings of bodies in nature are for me a rupture of the largely European tradition of only representing male nudity in relation to heteronormativity.
—Zachari Logan, August 2022

Work by Zachari Logan