Fuss, Adam_From the Series My Ghost_cropped_980
From the series “My Ghost”


Hand-pulled photogravure (Edition of 200)

15 x 13.5 inches


British-born artist Adam Fuss (b. 1961) is best known for his experimentation with early photographic processes. In his series “My Ghost,” Fuss deals with issues of life and death, birth, love and its loss. One gets the sense from Fuss’s work that he does not try to direct or manipulate these subjects which are, by their nature, ambiguous. Rather, he resolves himself to the their inherent mystery. This is largely accomplished through Fuss’s photographic method which hinges on chance occurrence.

This ghostly image of a child’s christening dress embodies the artist’s poetic consideration of the nature of memory and his ideas of transcendence. Using the camera-less technology of the photogram, the artist created the image by placing the actual object on photosensitive paper and exposing it to light. The result evinces an almost palpable sense of loss and longing.

Fuss took this one step further by transforming the photogram into a photogravure—an ideal medium for this image of loss and longing with its deep black background and wide tonal range within the image, which almost appears as if to glow.

Work by Adam Fuss (b. 1961)