Greer Lankton, Postcard from Greer Lankton to Douglas Furguson
Postcard from Greer Lankton to Douglas Ferguson

c. 1980s


Extensively inscribed in blue ink, verso

4 x 5.75 inches


Inscription reads:

Dear Doug,

Isn’t it all just too beautiful!!! I’m having a great time being a Christian beach bunny in a black bikini! I’m working in the kitchen helping to feed all the hungry campers. I swim, exercise, sunbath [sic] and read every day along with playing with my incredible niece Cloey who at 2 says things like “That’s not a bird, it’s a Cardenal (sp?) Bird,” or “I don’t have to go potty I just farted.” I’m making her a tiny baby doll at her request. Everyone thinks I’m wild living in N.Y.C. “Do people take drugs there?” “What’s RAP music?” “Are you a model?” “You mean people really live on the street?” etc – etc. I’m tan, healthy and happy but miss you. Say hello to Alex (sp?) Mihal + C.P. + Kitty. See you Aug 2nd.

Love Greer

Work by Greer Lankton (1958-1996)