Willy Bo Richardson, Flow 3, Triptych
Flow 3: Saffron Banner (Triptych)
Willy Bo Richardson, Clockwork for Oracles 2, Diptych
Clockwork for Oracles 2 (Diptych)
Willy Bo Richardson, Benevolent Sunrise 7
Benevolent Sunrise 7
Willy Bo Richardson, Colophon 1
Colophon 1
Willy Bo Richardson, Colophon 7
Colophon 7
Willy Bo Richardson, Snow Turning to Rain 1
Snow Turning to Rain 1
Willy Bo Richardson, Snow Turning to Rain 4
Snow Turning to Rain 4
Willy Bo Richardson, Still Sound 3
Still Sound 3
Willy Bo Richardson, Colophon 11
Colophon 11
Willy Bo Richardson, Colophon 12
Colophon 12
Willy Bo Richardson, Colophon 14
Colophon 14
Willy Bo Richardson, Bathers 5
Bathers 5
Willy Bo Richardson, Siren's Song 2
Siren’s Song 2
Willy Bo Richardson, Siren's Song 6
Siren’s Song 6
Willy Bo Richardson, Siren's Song 7
Siren’s Song 7
Willy Bo Richardson, Music to Drive to 17
Music to Drive to 17
Willy Bo Richardson, Colophon 10
Colophon 10
Willy Bo Richardson, Sanibel 1
Sanibel 1
Willy Bo Richardson, Still Sound 2
Still Sound 2
Willy Bo Richardson, Still Sound 13
Still Sound 13

May 9 – June 21, 2019

Online exhibition at Artsy.net

ClampArt is pleased to present “Willy Bo Richardson: Colophon,” an Artsy online exclusive exhibition.

Willy Bo Richardson describes his paintings of vibrant, vertical bands of color as “philosophy in motion.” Working solely within the framework of vertical strokes, the artist uses color, proportion, and line to create works that have a physical and emotional impact on the viewer. He characterizes his practice as “a sort of meditation, a give-and-take with gravity and the universal laws that determine our experience of the physical world.” By intentionally veering away from representational or narrative imagery, he seeks to confront and convey an enduring fascination with the unchanging mind itself, actualizing through the use of color and line “a humming field [that] suspends the sensation of time.”

Richardson received an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute in 2000. He was a painting tech at Cooper Union and a faculty member at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. His paintings have been exhibited internationally. In 2011, his work was included in “70 Years of Abstract Painting—Excerpts” at Jason McCoy Gallery in New York City. The show assembled works by a selection of modern and contemporary painters, including Josef Albers, Hans Hofmann, and Jackson Pollock. In 2012, Richardson showed work in the exhibition “Watercolors” at the Phillips de Pury headquarters in Chelsea, New York City. His paintings were also featured on the KNME-TV PBS weekly arts series, ¡COLORES!. Most recently, Richardson was a guest artist at the Tamarind Institute at the University of New Mexico.