This is an abstract composition of green, pink, and white smeared paint.
Luminor Moment

Born in 1963 in Phoenix, Arizona, Stanley Casselman is a contemporary abstract painter who quickly rose to art-world fame after answering a call from art critic Jerry Saltz for a perfect copy of a Gerhard Richter painting. Impressed by his technique, Saltz purchased Casselman’s reproduction, and later wrote an article about him in New York Magazine. Casselman has since earned wide critical acclaim for his longstanding practice of geometric abstraction, which consists largely of monochromatic works infused with materials such as satin ribbon and monofilament paper; as well as his works of ambient abstraction in the style of Richter, which are produced using a custom-built, 10-foot plexiglas squeegee. “Each painting is its own visual story that transcends explanation through language,” Casselman has said. “The process and the result [are] emotion and energy put forth in its rawest and purest form.”