Slide Show (Artists Space) by Charlie Ahearn
Slide Show (Artists Space)


Xerox print

17 x 11 inches

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Charlie Ahearn recently discussed his use of the slide show as a medium to curate shows: “I always shot slides because some artists shot their work on slides. There were other artists at the time, like Jack Smith or Nan Goldin, who were using slides as artwork. I would look at the slides and say, ‘Oh, damn. This one’s out of focus’ or ‘I love this image, but it’s too dark.’ It was perfect when I started to think of scratching words or images into the slides. Even though the scratching looks kind of like punk art at the time, I thought the process was very much like hip-hop. You’re taking things that nobody wants and making something new with it, like graffiti on a broken down building. Even the scratch mixing is taking records people haven’t heard in a long time.”


Work by Charlie Ahearn