Parka by Jimmy DeSana


Signed and dated, verso

Vintage Cibachrome print

14 x 11 inches

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This is one of two known prints of this image.

It is from a group of thirty Cibachrome photographs which were chosen by the artist in 1985 for a private collector as representative of his most recent work of that time. The series presents an artistic interpretation of his feelings towards the AIDS epidemic and his own struggle with the illness. DeSana’s goal with this body of work was to create an experience for the viewer that recalled his own emotional ups and downs. “If I could do a show that confused people so much, that was so ambiguous that they didn’t know what to think, but they felt sort of sickened by it and also entertained, then for me that would be the moment that we’re going through right now.”

DeSana made these images after contracting AIDS and suffering a spleen removal operation.

Work by Jimmy DeSana (1949-1990)