Michael McClard, Motive, Film


Xerox print

17 x 11 inches

Kathy Acker: Ahh, Michael, what was your motive in making Motive?
Michael McClard: That’s really a terrible question, Kathy.
—Interview in “Bomb Magazine”

Michael McClard’s film “Motive” premiered at New Cinema in March 1979, and is a Super 8 feature film portraying a punk psycho-killer as he plots to rig the Museum of Modern Art’s men’s room to electrocute random users. Produced by Michael McClard and Liza Béar. Written and directed by Michael McClard. Starring Jimmy DeSana with Paula Greif, and Tim Collins, John Lurie, Rae Spencer-Cullen, and Betsy Sussler.


Max Schumann (Editor) and Walter Robinson (Afterword), A Book About Colab (and Related Activities) (New York City: Printed Matter, Inc.), p. 58, illus.

Work by Michael McClard