Richard Berkowitz, Michael Callen, Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, How to Have Sex in an E
How to Have Sex in an Epidemic: One Approach


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Throughout the history of HIV/AIDS, there are many moments that stand out as bold acts of courage that forever changed the course of the epidemic. Safe Sex is certainly at the top of the list. The foundational document of harm reduction, “How to Have Sex in an Epidemic: One Approach,” was the introduction of safe sex into the medical lexicon. The brainchild of Richard Berkowitz, with co-author Michael Callen and medical direction by Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, the text was initially met with ridicule and scorn by the gay community and press. Resistance by the larger queer population to embrace the simple message of safe sexual practices undoubtedly resulted in the loss of countless lives. Both Berkowitz and Callen went on to be signatories and co-collaborators of the Denver Principles, the historic document of patient self empowerment.


Work by Richard Berkowitz, Michael Callen, and Dr. Joseph Sonnabend