Lissa Rivera, Town Fire
Town Fire
Lissa RIvera, Land Room
Land Room
Lissa Rivera, Decision Room
Decision Room
Lissa Rivera, Dream Room
Dream Room
Lissa Rivera, Cave Room
Cave Room
Lissa Rivera, Blue Room
Blue Room
Lissa Rivera, Diorama Construction
Diorama Construction

Lissa Rivera writes: “These dioramas are inspired by my interest in Daguerre’s career both a set designer and one of the most famed inventors of photography. I am interested in the cultural associations of the diorama as the ultimate artifice of nature and the photograph as the pencil of nature. I am also interested in the historical uses of dioramas ranging from the fantasy rides at Disneyland to its role as a modeling tool for special effects in film and theater. I am especially interested in toy theaters and childhood associations with diorama building. The subject matter is influenced by pure fantasy. I source my imagery from online archives; in which I colorize, print and mount to panels to create a three-dimensional model. The final product is the photo documentation.”

Work by Lissa Rivera

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