Moonlight (Luna Country, New Mexico, July 13, 2003) by Spencer Finch
Moonlight (Luna Country, New Mexico, July 13, 2003)


Accompanied by certificate of authenticity signed by artist

Fluorescent tube, light filters (Edition of 100)

24 x 3 x 3 inches


Published by “Cabinet Magazine,” Brooklyn.

In July 2003, Spencer Finch and Cabinet editor Sina Najafi traveled to Deming, New Mexico, to see for the first time a half-acre of scrubland outside Deming that the magazine had bought sight-unseen in January 2003 for its spring issue on “Property.” Finch had accepted a commission to produce a special artwork for Cabinet‘s fundraiser and had proposed a “nightlight,” a modified fluorescent light that would represent the moonlight somewhere else in the world. When Finch found out that Cabinet‘s half-acre was in the serendipitously named Luna County, the location for the artwork was determined. This edition’s high CRI (Color Resolution Index) fluorescent tube is wrapped with nine colored filters of different spectral qualities, ranging from magenta to indigo.

Work by Spencer Finch