Laura Stevens writes: “Following the ending of a significant relationship in my life, an undoing began. Whilst adjusting to being a single woman, I started to create a photographic narrative based on the experience of losing love—directing other women to portray the gradual emotional and circumstantial stages along the well-trodden track of the broken-hearted.

“By constructing images of the evolving chapters, I was allowed a vantage point from which to view the changes occurring in me, from feelings of pain, confusion, and loneliness towards the reconstruction of my identity as an individual.

“The series of staged performances by different women are enacted to show an intimate moment of adjustment. They are seen isolated, surrounded by textures, colour, and empty spaces in a room of their home in Paris.

Another November is situated in a deliberately nostalgic present where memories are constructed and irrevocably discolor, looking back to a past not yet acquainted with loss. Yet, it is a reminder that time, the arranger of all things, moves only in one direction.”

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