Andrew Wertz, Present
Present, East Lloyd Street
Andrew Wertz, Common
Common room of boarding house above the dress factory my grandmother worked in
Andrew Wertz, Extrusion
Extrusion, Jones Hardware, 9th Street
Andrew Wertz, Downwind
Downwind, L.V.R.R. tracks
Andrew Wertz, Towards
Towards the Glen Burn / Cameron Colliery culm bank
Curran Broderick, Cluster 1
Cluster 1
Curran Broderick, Cluster 2
Cluster 2
Curran Broderick, Cluster 3
Cluster 3
Curran Broderick, Cluster 4
Cluster 4
Curran Broderick, Cluster 5
Cluster 5
Elise Kirk, Leap
Elise Kirk, Sidewalk, Road Watching
Sidewalk, Road Watching
Elise Kirk, Buffalo Grain Elevator
Buffalo Grain Elevator
Elise Kirk, Swan Bunny
Swan Bunny
André Bradley, THX
André Bradley, Class of 2005 (A Vision Becomes a Reality... in Cap and Gown)
Class of 2005 (A Vision Becomes a Reality… in Cap and Gown)
Andre Bradley, I learned about Race Today
I Learned About Race Today Diptych
André Bradley, Family Systems Theory
All the Trash From The Corner (Family Systems Theory)
Andree Bradley, Wallet Sized Child
Wallet Size Child
Andre Bradley, Installation Image
André Bradley, Installation Image
Drew Ludwig, Dodge and Burn
Dodge and Burn
Drew Ludwig, Reconciling Faith and Science
Reconciling Faith and Science
Drew Ludwig, Metaphysical Experiment 2
Metaphysical Experiment 2
Drew Ludwig, Personal Item
Personal Item
Drew Ludwig, Placing Value
Placing Value
Paolo Morales, Untitled
My grandfather and his nurse
Paolo Morales, Untitled
Mirror game
Paolo Morales, Untitled
Cindy and her niece in the parking lot
Paolo Morales, Untitled
Skylar reaching for Elijah
Paolo Morales, Christopher Looking in the Mirror
Christopher looking in the mirror
Paolo Morales, Untitled
Reaching through a fence
Paolo Morales, Untitled
My grandfather exercising
Installation Image 1
Installation Image 2
Installation Image 3
Installation Image 4
Installation Image 5
Installation Image 6
Installation Image 7
Six Degrees Installation 8
Installation Image 8
Installation Image 9

Rhode Island School of Design 2015 MFA Graduate Show
June 25 – July 3, 2015

Opening Reception:
Thursday, June 25, 2015
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

“Six Degrees” is an exhibition that represents a selection of the work created by the 2015 graduates of the RISD MFA Photography Program. The artists have been guided in critiques and thesis committee meetings by a rich and diverse group of faculty and guests. Ann Fessler, Eva Sutton, and Steven Smith have led the graduate group critique. Students have benefited from individual and guest critiques from artists Brian Ulrich, Justin Kimball, Lisa Young, and Penelope Umbrico; critics Douglas Nickel and Alison Nordström; museum director Natasha Egan; and gallerist Brian Paul Clamp.

All graduates have completed a thesis book, monograph, and a portfolio of prints—now part of the RISD photo archive, which includes work by such former graduates as Bill Burke, Talia Chetrit, Jim Dow, Linda Connor, Emmet Gowin, David Benjamin Sherry, Christina Seely, and Francesca Woodman, among many others.

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